New Product Launch

We are excited to introduce our brand-new Cessna 172 style flight simulator, the SSC-Sky-Lane, This simulator has been designed from the ground up to feel exactly like a real aircraft. The ideal training or leisure environment, it is 1:1 scale and with fully customised glass or analogue avionics suit definable by you the perfect addition to your aircraft fleet. Each simulator is made your exact requirements with every element customisable such as Avionics suit, primary controls, interior and exterior colour schemes. All of our solutions come ready installed on your site with a support package.

Aircraft Not A Simulator

We have been building simulators for more than 7 years supplying; flying schools, universities, training companies, film companies, individuals and flight experience companies with several different aircraft and cabin simulators including; 737 800, Vulcan Bomber, Cessna 172, F16 as well as a host of cabin sections used for film and TV. Our differentiator is a dedication to realism as well as system functionality. Our goal is to leave our customers feeling like they are flying an aircraft rather than a simulator. We do this by going the extra mile in our initial design. For instance, most Cessna simulators cut the nose of at the bulkhead, this provides the wrong “look” out of the window, the same when it comes to detailing the view of the propeller through the front window, most companies don’t bother to model this but it is an integral part of making the aircraft feel real, all these modifications and many more prevent the pilot from feeling like they are in a real aircraft. Our simulators not only behave like real aircraft but will feel right as well.