Bespoke Build Flight Simulators

Over the past 6 years, we have built numerous airline, jet fighter, and bomber simulators, we have produced cabin sections for film, TV as well as airlines. We have a small dedicated engineering team and our own fully equipped engineering workshop where we prototype all our own bespoke built machines, using CAD, CNC, Laser cutting machines and 3D technology. Simply put no job is too big or too small, if you have always wanted a aircraft simulator not presently in operation then we can discuss your requirements with you.

If you ever fancied that Spitfire or F14 or perhaps a classic DC3 then this is the service for you. When building a simulator by far the largest amount of time goes into making sure we can duplicate the parts, i.e. tool up for mass production. Rather than building a throttle as a one off item we need to create molds and castings for mass production. All of this extra labour and design time equals large expense. However, whilst obviously building a simulator from scratch is not as easy as buying one of the shelf, it doesn’t have to be hugely expensive if you fall back on modern computer techniques. What do I mean? Rather than using real aircraft avionics and then working out how to make them talk to modern simulator software, today’s 3d computer generated systems allow us to create classic looking dials using computer design, we then fit a CNC panel over the top and create some 3D printed bezels, in our experience most people would never know!

What this means is that the main part of the construction becomes the cockpit and shell, these we make out of a myriad of different materials, wood, di-bond, Perspex, Fomex and mild steel to name a few. These can be quickly CNC cut and much like modern house design where it is now possible to create a finished house shell using CAD, CNC, and LAZER in a matter of days we can often build a classic aircraft shell within 3-4 weeks after the initial design phase has been completed. Often within 2 months of starting construction, we have what looks like a nearly finished simulator, then we move onto the primary controls, rudders, joystick or yoke assembly as well as mechanical items such as throttles, buttons, pulleys and levers. These are potentially the most time-consuming parts to build, but the principles of operation on all of them we will have worked with on other projects.

In a typical 2 seat fighter, bomber or small jet airliner we usually budget approx. 4-6 months from initial meeting to completed simulator, tested and fully operational. Small aircraft like general aviation aircraft, small helicopters and small fighter aircraft like the spitfire can take as little as 3 months. large airliners – Dash 8 upwards usually 8-12 months in total.

We always provide a complete and detailed quote after our initial meetings have been held. Our labour costs are £250 per engineer per day + materials and typically it takes a minimum of 2 engineers working full time to achieve the above quoted times. So as a guide the following prices are indicative of complete projects, i.e. nothing else required to operate, this is software, networked computer systems, development, building the simulator and providing an audio visual system all fully installed and ready to fly:

Light Aircraft – small single seat Jet Fighter £35,000 to £50,000

Medium sized twin / 2 seat fighter / small bomber £50,000 – £90,000

Large project – airliner / large bomber £100,000 +

All prices net of VAT