About Us

Simulator Systems started life as Virtual Aerospace Ltd now our parent company. We have been building simulators, simulator components and reselling parts for nearly seven years. In August 2016 we moved into a dedicated manufacturing facility near Manchester and have been busy working on projects for TV & Film, private individuals and flying schools since. recent projects have included:

  • Building the world’s only Vulcan Bomber Simulator now installed at our Manchester training facility
  • Building and installing an industry leading 737 800 training device into Birmingham University
  • Building a Cessna / Piper hybrid simulator for use in a flying school
  • Building numerous cabin sections used for TV, advertising and films
  • Producing an F16 simulator now in use as a flight experience simulator
  • Building numerous 737 800 simulators for home use including several single seat variants

We are currently the largest flight simulator company in the UK with 6 branches and 11 simulators, we can offer expertise for any simulator product, training, military, civil or home.