737 cockpit tunrket flight simulator for saleSince 2010 Simulator Systems has been designing, producing and installing full-size flight simulators across a diverse spectrum of applications and customer profiles. We have produced simulators for flight schools, leading UK universities, high net worth individuals, film companies and numerous simulator experience companies as well as whole host of other applications.

Our sister flight experience company Virtual Aerospace operates 5 full-size simulators which are operated for both commercial training as well as the general public experience flights, and as such it is critical we keep them running 7 days per week. This has made it necessary to employ a full-time engineering support team all housed in our Manchester-based engineering facility. With this team as well as our 2 design engineers we not only produce simulators built to take the rigours of commercial use, but we also have a team of engineers that support our current installs ensuring they also remain fully functioning at all times.

All our installs benefit from an initial support package followed by the option to purchase an ongoing simulator support service. There is nothing more frustrating than buying an expensive piece of equipment only to find after purchase the manufacturer wants little to do with you, we are at present the only simulator company to offer a dedicated and ongoing support package which gives you piece of mind!

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There are numerous companies providing quality simulator components, many will also install the simulator for you, but very few will provide a complete solution leaving you nothing to do but turn it on and fly! Our service can provide everything you could possibly need from a simulator build, including simulator hardware, rack mount server and client computers professionally installed and networked for optimum performance, an installed visual solution, bespoke built 220 degrees curved screen made to fit your available space, projectors to match your budget or monitor systems, optimised surround sound and rumble packs, cabin sections and if necessary partitioned room sections in which to house it all, once complete this is followed by a comprehensive simulator and flight training package

Our first priority is to understand your exact requirements and get a feeling for you overall budget, we usually do this in a face to face meeting or invite you to one of our simulator centres to get a feel for exactly what you need on one of our own 5 simulators. Once the specification has been agreed we then start the build, this usually takes approx 3-4 months from the initial meeting, once this has been completed you will be invited to undertake a pre-delivery inspection and flight test after which the entire simulator is disassembled and palletised ready to be shipped to the site. Depending on your exact specification installation usually takes approx 3-7 days, the final 24 hours are usually done with you present and are mainly system testing, once we are all happy the training phase begins. This can be as simple as systems training or if you are not familiar with the 737 800 and its functionality we usually include a pilot training package with one of our commercial pilots.

This includes:

Initial Design
Fully working Pedestal, MIP, Motorised TQ, Fire Panel, Dual FMC, Lower and Upper EICAS, MCP, FWD Overhead, Partial working Rear Overhead
Base with dual linked rudder and yokes
1:1 Scale shell and liners with working captains tiller
FO & Captains J-Rails & 737 style seats (real seats can be required price on application)
Rackmount computers, servers and networking
Prosim software and instructor system
220 degree curved bespoke wooden screen, painted and finished ready for use
3 x HD projectors, warped image using professional warping package
P3d flight simulator software plus up to £100 in add-on scenery
Surround sound system
12 months hardware warranty
6 months telephone and dial in support
Implementation, testing and training package to suit
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If you would like to talk to one of our simulator experts then call us on +44 01604 211336 or email enquiries@simulator-systems.com